Alpine PDX-4.100M – Marine

PDX-4.100M – The Marine Power Station Loaded with 600 Watts of power Alpine’s PDX 4.100M Multi Channel Amplifiers play amazingly long and efficient without wasting battery. Alpine’s Marine Amplifiers deliver outstanding performance at all volume levels. Engineered for the severe challenges of the marine environment Alpine’s PDX-4.100M work with maximum performance and durability.
The PDX-4.100M amps are 60% smaller than previous models with the same output power, which makes it easy to find adequate mounting space. Even two or more amps together make a small package – and, a powerful amp system that installs practically anywhere! The audio and crossover controls are conveniently placed on the front of the amplifier, making them easily accessible for further sound tuning. The Alpine Marine Amplifiers are also perfectly aligned to allow each amplifier to be stacked upon the other. Marine – Ready Marine Coating System and ATSM proven Salt/Fog plus UV-light resistance make Alpine’s Marine Amplifiers well-prepared for cruising beyond the limit. Overview

100W RMS x 4 @ 4 Ω (CEA-2006)
Marine Coating System
Salt/Fog (ASTM B117) Certified
UV (ASTM G154/D4329) Certified
4/3/2 Channel (bridgeable)
HP/LP crossover 30Hz-400Hz variable
“Quick connect” High Current speaker terminals
Super high efficiency Alpine’s PDX Marine amplifiers are over 90% efficient at all power levels – drawing less current saving valuable battery power. Cool running to play PDX switch-mode digital amplifier technology allows PDX Marine amps to run cool and resist the harsh marine environment.

    Hind: 459.00 




    • Gain Control: Adjustable
    • Board Design: 4-Layer Glass Epoxy PC Board
    • Final Outputs: Fast Switching, Low Impedance Direct Fets
    • Pre-Amp Stage: Discrete
    • Connector Plating: Gold Plated Input, Output, Power and Speaker Terminals
    • Crossover: Adjustable High Pass, Low Pass
    • RCA Output: Non-Fading Pre-Amp Output
    • Power Indicator: Top Mounted Blue LED Power/Status Indicator
    • Current Protection: Auto Over-Current Protection
    • Board Circuitry: STAR Ciruit
    • Power Supply Design: DC-DC PWM Power Supply
    • Power Supply: Fast Switching, Low Impedance Direct Fets
    • Thermal Control: Thermal Management Control
    • Channel Design: 4/3/2 Channel
    • Amplifier Type: Class-D (Switch Mode Digital)


    • Mounting Design: Easy Stacking
    • Screw Mount / Wire Cover: Integrated Wire and Mounting Screw Terminals
    • Terminal Layout: One-Sided
    • Connectors: Quick Disconnect Terminals



    • Signal to Noise: CEA 2006 S/N Ratio (IHF A Weighted, Reference: 1W into 4Ω) 76 dBA
    • Speaker Impedance: 4 or 2 Ω
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz (+0, -1dB)
    • Input Sensitivity: 0.2V to 4.0V (For Rated Power)
    • Power Requirements: 14.4V DC (11V to 16V)


    • Heat Sink (WxHxD): 10-1/8” x 7-9/16” x 2-7/16”
    • Heat Sink (WxHxD): 257mm x 192mm x 62mm

    Sound Tuning

    • Crossover: Variable, 30-400Hz (-12dB / oct ), Low-Pass/High-Pass /OFF Selectable

    RMS Power Ratings

    • Bridged 4 Ohms: Bridged into 4 Ω (≤1%THD+N) 200w x 2
    • Per channel into 2 Ω: (@14.4V ≤1%THD+N, 20Hz-20kHz) 100W x 4
    • Per channel into 4 Ω: (@14.4V ≤1%THD+N, 20Hz-20kHz) 100W x 4

    CEA-2006 Power Ratings

    • CEA-2006 Power Rating: (4/2 Ω@14.4V ≤1%THD+N), S/N 76dBA (Ref. 1W into 4 Ω): 100w x 4
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